Nov 2017 Darby Costello : The Dance of Love | Jupiter

Nov 2017 Darby Costello : The Dance of Love 

英國占星師Darby Costello 
今次我們邀請了於英國三大占星學院皆有任教,亦於美國及歐州多地教學之占星師Darby Costello來港,特別講解不少人都很關心的愛情議題,老師不但會透過星盤去講解「愛戀的能力」,對於如何根據自己的特質去好好戀愛、從中學習並豐富自己人生,皆有其見解。
榮獲占星界崇高的榮譽Charles Harvey Award 

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Friday Evening :The Water Houses

 (3rd Nov Fri 7:30-pm-9:30pm)

The Water Houses:

The fourth, eighth and twelfth houses are perhaps the most mysterious of all the houses.  Until we explore their depths, we are often blind to our own natures, and that of other people.  And yet we must become familiar with the dimensions they represent to experience life in its fullness.  This evening we shall dive into the very different waters of each of these houses to find how to access the nourishment each contains.  We shall look particularly at the house rulers for insight.

Sat & Sun : The Dance of Love: Navigating by the Stars
(4th & 5th Nov Sat & Sun 10:30am-5:30pm)
 (One hour lunch break)

Romantic love has been around for thousands of years.  There are love poems that have been found from 3000 years ago.  When another person activates certain feelings in us, we 'fall in love'.  We feel alive in every cell of our body and in all the regions of our hearts.  And yet, this joyous, soul-delighting state of being can lead to so much disappointment and pain.  What in the astrological chart describes our capacity for this kind of love?  How can we use our charts to understand its role in our lives? During this weekend we shall look particularly at Venus but also Mars, the Sun and Moon and other natal planets and positions that describe our capacity to be taken by love.  We shall explore how understanding our charts can help us in learning the dance of love and the work of love for the enrichment of our lives. 

About Darby Costello

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Darby Costello studied psychology, philosophy and theology in America in the mid 1960s. After some travel she returned to the US to study astrology in Boston. In 1971 she went to South Africa for a brief visit and stayed twelve years. During that time she worked with the Museum of Man and Science, in Johannesburg, recording the art and practices of the sangomas; the diviner/healers of Southern Africa. Concurrently she began doing charts for people, gradually developing a wide clientele over the years. In 1983 she went to live in  London, seeking an astrological community. To her delight, she found it. During the first few years she developed her practice and began giving workshops and seminars to various groups, while deepening her own knowledge of astrology's cultural history. In 1988 she joined the Centre for Psychological Astrology and after some years she became Head Tutor, teaching and supervising students from all over the world.

She is also a visiting tutor for the Faculty of Astrological Studies and was awarded with an Honorary Diploma in 2014.  She also teaches regularly at the London School of Astrology and throughout the UK and Europe. In 2015 she taught in Shenzhen and Taiwan for the first time.  She wrote her first book, Astrology, for Dorling Kindersley's "Pocket" series, with Lindsay Radermacher. She then wrote three books of seminar collections for the CPA Press: The Astrological Moon, Water and Fire, and Earth and Air.

She was one of the four contributors to the The Mars Quartet, published in 2001. She received her Master's Degree in "Cultural Astronomy and Astrology" from Bath Spa University in 2006.  Still today, her consultation practice is at the heart of her life as an astrology.

Books written by Darby Costello

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1) Astrology

Darby Costello & Lindsey Rademacher

Dorling Kindersley, 1996.

2) The Astrological Moon

CPA Press, 1996

3) Water & Fire

Part One: Water, The Womb, Death, and the Dream.

Part Two: Fire and the Imagination; The Heart of our Story.

CPA Press, 1998

4) Earth & Air

Part One: Earth, the Ground of Life. 

Part Two: Air, the Breath of Life. 

CPA Press, 1999.

5) The Mars Quartet

Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red Planet

Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Liz Green & Melanie Reinhart

CPA Press, 2001

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